Data sorting in Excel is to sort one or more columns of unordered data according to different needs, which helps to display the data in a more organized way and also helps people find the required data faster. This article will demonstrate how to sort data within a cell range…

Comments in Word documents usually contain some suggestions or reviews. Comments are very useful, and adding comments will not affect or modify the original content of the document. This article is going to introduce how to use Free Spire.Doc …

This article will introduce how to copy slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another programmatically using Free Spire.Presentation for Java.

Import jar dependency (2 Methods)
● Download the free library and unzip it. Then add the Spire.Presentation.jar file to your project as dependency.

● You can also add the jar…

Adding bookmarks to PDF files is very useful especially when you are reading some research papers or eBooks that contain a large number of pages. After adding bookmarks, you can jump to a specific page or part of a PDF file quickly and easily. Now this article will demonstrate how…

When creating a PowerPoint document, it’s easy for us to apply different font styles to different parts or paragraphs. And now, this article will demonstrate how to change font styles (font name, font size, font color, bold, italic and underlined) of an existing PowerPoint document by using Free Spire.Presentation …

A PDF Portfolio can contain a wide range of file types created in different applications. For example, it can include Word documents, e-mail messages, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. In this article, you will learn how to create a portfolio and add files/folders to it programmatically by using Spire.PDF for Java.

This article will share how to convert PowerPoint documents to HTML format files using Free Spire.Presentation for Java.

Installation(2 Methods)
● Download the free API and unzip it. Then add the Spire.Presentation.jar file to your project as dependency.

● You can also add the jar dependency to your maven project by adding the following configurations to the pom.xml.


Below is a screenshot of the sample PowerPoint document.

Sample Code

import com.spire.presentation.FileFormat;
import com.spire.presentation.Presentation;

public class ToHtml {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

//Create a Presentation object
Presentation presentation = new Presentation();

//Load the sample document

//Save the document to HTML format
presentation.saveToFile("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\ToHtml.html", FileFormat.HTML);

The Excel gridlines run between the columns and row of the spreadsheet, allowing you to see where each individual cell is located. This article will share how to use a free Java API to hide or show gridlines in a Excel worksheet programmatically.

Installation (2 Method)
1# Download the free API…

Like footnote, the endnote is a supplementary explanation to the main text. It is usually located at the end of the document to list the source of the citation. This article will show you how to add an endnote to Word documents using Free Spire.Doc for Java.

Method 1: Download…

The table of contents is usually an indispensable part of a long document. It enables readers to understand what is in the document and how to find the specific content easily. In this article, I will introduce how to create table of contents in a Word document programmatically using Free…

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